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  • What does the price for the wall rentals include?
    The price includes the wall itself, a generic sign, delivery, set up and pick up.
  • How far in advance should a client book a rental service?
    We prefer at least two weeks in advance, but we are always flexible with our availability.
  • How many hours does the rental service include?
    We do our deliveries in the morning and our pick ups in the evening the day of the reserved event, so we can accommodate the entire party. If extended time is needed you can just let us know after checking out on our booking site.
  • Can I book more than 1 rental service?
    Yes, add multiple services to your cart on our booking site.
  • When will our team pick up the rental service?
    We will make sure to coordinate a time that ensures all guests have exited the party before picking up.
  • How do we inquire about a custom balloon order?
    Add a Balloon package to cart and we will reach out after purchase to discuss color and party theme.
  • Does the champagne cart/wall come with champagne glasses, and are they plastic?
    They are made of glass and yes they come with the cart/wall. We will make sure to provide as many extra as needed for the amount of people you are hosting.
  • Does the champagne wall/cart come with champagne?
    No, we do not include any sort of alcoholic beverage with the wall/cart for liability reasons, but if you have it on site we can set it up for you.
  • Can I have a customized sign for my wall?
    Yes! Add a customized sign to your order. Once purchased, we will reach out to discuss fonts and descriptions. After placing your order and reserving your date, please visit and complete our New Order Form for customized requests.
  • How do I customize my balloon add-on?
    After placing your order with your custom balloon add-on and reserving your date, please visit and complete our New Order Form for customized requests.
  • Do you provide insurance in case of rain or any other type of weather that would affect the event?
    Yes, we offer insurance and highly recommend it for any outdoor events you may be having. This provides a full refund or a priority date change.
  • What locations do you provide rental services?
    We provide services across Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk county), Connecticut and New Jersey. (Delivery charge applies outside of Long Island, NY)
  • What are the size options for the wall rentals?
    We have two options, 4'ft X 8'ft, or 8'ft X 8'ft

Frequently Asked Questions

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